Griffin Technology GB02587 Elan Folio Ipad 2 Pink Paisley

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GB02587 Elan Folio Ipad 2 Pink Paisley

Griffin Technology

Model: GB02587
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Package Quantity: 1

It's my opinion you will like that the item has got this feature of supports your i pad in two landscape positions, upright and inclined. Additional features include slim, one-piece folio design and polyurethane outer cover. Gb02587 elan folio. To learn more about this laptop computer, click on our partners via the link on this site.

ELAN FOLIO FOR IPAD 2, Pink Paisley Multi-position foldover case for i Pad 2 Dress up your i Pad 2 with style and functionality. Elan Folio holds your i Pad upright in landscape position for reading and viewing pictures and video. The case flips open for quick access to your Multi-Touch display, and closes like a book for privacy and protection. Flip the cover around and lock it in back to turn the folio into a adjustable easel. The style consists of 4 card slots inside, and cutouts that provide unhindered access to cameras, ports and controls. For drawing, tapping and typing, turn it over and lay it down in a comfortably inclined position. Elan Folio doesn't quit working when you stop carrying it. Carry your i Pad in Elan Folio like a personal notebook. Elan Folio frames and protects your Multi-Touch display using a microsuede lining. Elan Folio is easy to use, effortless to carry, and easy to preserve clean.


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